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Lots of people, besides Sierra, have created their own game based upon the AGI interpreter.  This site plans not on listing all games but on a select few to help people get the right idea of the quality that these people can produce.  The aim is not to offend anybody by not listing a game, there are many AGI sites out there that do a very good job of that already.  There is an emphasis on completed games, but it is not the only factor in listing games.  To show no preference of games, I have made the list in alphabetical order.

Some games are packaged along with a suitable interpreter.  If you download a game and cannot find an executable to start the game, try and interpreter from the Downloads section of this site.  Try the interpreters in the suggested order.

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Residence 44 Quest by Jinwo Versluys and Rinze de Laat
Last Modified: 23rd June, 1999
You've arrived at a new college and have discovered there's no room for you.
download (155kb), site

Residence 44 Quest

Operation: Recon by Randy Dykstra, Nat Budin and Leigh Ann Frey
Last Modified: 3rd November, 1998
A team is sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team on the moon. Only a rolling demo but has amazing graphics with great attention to detail.
download (121kb), site

Operation: Recon

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More Games

Here are a few sites where you can get more information on other fan made AGI games.  They are also handy for other AGI information.