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Every site on the Internet has a links section and this site is no exception.   I acknowledge that this list is by no means exhaustive so I would appreciate any comments, additions or dead links via email.  The order of sites does not indicate any preference.

The authors of this software do not promote or endore software piracy. These sites listed below contain freeware or shareware software, however you should check the software licenses before downloading.

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The hub of the AGI community - other fan sites and the AGI messageboard.


There are a few fan made interpreters available.  NAGI, if I may say so, has the best compatibility but only runs under Windows.  AGIL and Sarien are close but still have lingering bugs.  They are available for a many other platforms (like Linux) however.


Some tools available for AGI game creation.


There are a number of games (fan and commercial) that are in development and a few are even finished. Many games don't even have a website so this is just a portion of the games that are currently being worked on.


Unfortunately, not all authors have time to complete their games. Here is the list of games that were abandoned. They vary from half-finished to games still in design stage.


After AGI, SCI is Sierra's next generation interpreter.


Sites that relate to Sierra in general.


Adventure Dev

There are many other types of adventure game development systems. There are a few communities based around these as well.


Some sites, while not AGI related, are still interesting. This small list includes my favourite web comics.


The graveyard of AGI related links. If you know of a site that's back online, has an alternative URL or a cached version, please let me know. A lot of sites went missing when NBCI stopped providing free web hosting.

Links To

These sites are kind enough to link to the AGI Development site.