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There are many tools available for AGI development.  This section should contain the necessary tools for developing your own AGI game.  For some applications, it might be useful to visit their site to see if they a more up-to-date version.  Make sure you try to read some of the AGI tutorials as well.

Contents:  Editing Suite  |  Interpreter  |  Sound  |  Logic  |  Picture  |  Team Development  |  Copy protection  |  Miscellaneous

Editing Suite

AGI Studio can help you develop the majority of your game in one program.

AGI Studio is the main development suite for AGI development. While it doesn't support all the aspects of AGI (that's why there are support tools), it does a good job for the most of it. The original version was by Peter Kelly but, due to other commitments, was unable to keep on working on it. Two new verions have spawned from his project however: Nailhead's new version is a continuation off the original source, with extra features. QT AGI Studio is a complete rewrite of the source to C++ / QT. I recomend Nailhead's version mainly because it is slightly more polished, but the QT version has a windows picture editor.

Nailhead AGI Studio v1.38b by Nailhead
A continuation off the original source code. Supports logic, view, dictionary editing. Comes with template game. Recommended. NOTE: if you encounter strange view editing bugs (like sprites being saved as black and white), try AGI Studio v1.34.
download (968 kb) , site

Nailhead AGI Studio v1.34 by Nailhead
For people who encounter the view saving bug.
download (809 kb) , site

Nailhead AGI Studio v1.37 Source by Nailhead
download (991 kb) , site

QT AGI Studio by Nat Budin & Helen Zommer
A complete rewrite to C++ / QT. Supports logic, view, dictionary, picture editing. Also comes with template game.
download (2018 kb) , site

QT AGI Studio Source by Nat Budin & Helen Zommer
download (186 kb) , site


NAGI runs under Windows and has excellent compatibility.

When you'll want to run your game, you will need an AGI interpreter to execute it in. The list here is the order you should try the interpreters. You will need Sarien or AGIL if you intend to develop under Linux.

Original PC Interpeter by Sierra Online
The Sierra PC Interpreter was origianlly written for the PCjr and XT so it will work fine under most operating systems except Windows ME, 2000 and XP which have compatiblity problems. This is a known problem but there is the NAGI interpreter which is based on the Sierra version and works fine under Windows. There are a few different versions of the interpreter, but the main one you will want is the latest v2 interpreter.

There are a few optional patches for the interpreter that add features or fix bugs. They should work with most versions of the interpreter.
download (30 kb) , site

NAGI v2.06 by Nick Sonneveld
NAGI (New Adventure Game Interpreter) is a clone of Sierra's own AGI which they created and used through the 80's. Has excellent compatibility with most games, supports full channel music, mouse, all versions of the interpreter, save games and checksum identification. Based upon the SDL Library, which you will need installed in the same directory as NAGI.
download (151 kb)

NAGI Source Nov 14th 2002 by Nick Sonneveld
download (165 kb)

Sarien by Dark Fiber, Claudio Matsuoka, Matt Hargett
Sarien is an open source, portable implementation of the Sierra On-Line Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI). It is currently under development; no production-quality packages have been released. Sarien is able to execute Sierra On-Line AGI games at different levels of playability. It is necessary to also download the CYGWIN runtime and rename the Sarien executable to "sarien.exe" to execute Sarien under Windows.
download (47 kb) , site

Sarien Source by Dark Fiber, Claudio Matsuoka, Matt Hargett
download (277 kb) , site

AGIL is my effort at creating a game engine compatible with Sierra's AGI for playing games such as King's Quest, Space Quest and Leisure suit Larry natively under Linux. It currently runs on Linux with Svgalib or X11, and Windoze with SDL and DOS with Allegro (but no sound)
download (194 kb) , site

AGIL Source by RaDIaT1oN
download (63 kb) , site

AGI Soundblaster Patch
Patches the interpeter to add soundblaster support.
download (9 kb)

AGI MIDI Out Patch
Patches the interpeter to add MIDI out support.
download (12 kb)

AGI Stack Overflow Patch by Nick Sonneveld
Fixes a potential stack overflow Bug
download (16 kb)

Original PC Interpeter v3 by Sierra Online
The third version of the AGI interpreter. The v3 interpreter is not properly supported under AGI Studio yet but is available if you want to try it. The v2 interpreter is HIGHLY recomended.
download (29 kb) , site


The sound editor from Visual AGI is now available as a separate application. In beta!

Since AGI Studio does not have any native sound editing tools, there has been a plethora of tools released to help people create their own sound. You might want to check out the Sound Tutorial for information on how to use them.

Visual AGI Sound Editor beta8 by Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm
A fragment of the entire Visual AGI suite. A very nice sound editor that is similar in operation to the trackers that the MOD community used to use. Needs feedback however. Windows 95 users will need Windows Accessibility download.
download (237 kb) , site

AGI Sound Edit by Ronnie Harpaz
A new DOS based sound editor for the AGI format.
download (68 kb)

Sound Script Utils by Nick Sonneveld
A set of tools that enable you to manipulate user-editable script files that represent the AGI sound format. You can convert AGI sound resources into this format for easy editing, or compile your script into a sound resource to be played on an AGI interpreter. Source is available with the package. Binaries for other operating systems would be terrific. I don't think any of the source should be changed to help compile (apart from the batch files) but I would appreciate patches.
download (27 kb)

AGI Play
Basic DOS tools for playing AGI sounds.
download (180 kb)

IT 2 AGI by Nat Budin
Convert Impulsetracker files to AGI sound format. Will require the perl runtime.
download (3 kb)

MIDI 2 Rol
Convert MIDI files to Rol format. Use the Rol2AGI to convert to AGI sound format.
download (64 kb)

Rol 2 AGI
Convert Rol files to AGI sound format.
download (37 kb)

Sound Merge
The sound merge utility. Latest version v0.3!
download (12 kb)


The AGI Base Logic Generator contains many useful and advanced helpers for creating a new room.

There are a few tools to help you quickly set up template code for new rooms. If you're creating a game with many rooms, these tools will be a great timesaver.

AGI Base Logic Generator by Joel McCormick
A much more advanced template generator. Similar to Logic Wizard but allows the developer to exercise much more control over where the ego appears, the comments and defines. Recomended.
download (53 kb) , site

AGI BLG Source by Joel McCormick
download (144 kb) , site

Logic Wizard by Rainer De Temple
Logic Wizard is a program that will create template logic files for your Sierra AGI games that you are most probably creating with Peter Kelly's AGI studio. All you have to do is enter in things such as a 'look' description, and let Logic Wizard do the rest for you. It is a very basic template for each room, but at least it's a start.
download (140 kb)


APE, currently in development, is a next-generation picture editor.

The picture editing tools are dominated by the original DOS Picedit and the vector tools which convert bitmap graphics to the vector format that AGI uses. The conversion programs are VERY tempermental and most pictures don't look good in 16 colours through conversion. Check out the tutorial section and download the excellent picture tutorials. Some contain information on how to manually draw over bitmap graphics to much nicer looking vector formats. There are also some tools to help with the more repetitive jobs.

Picture Edit by Lance Ewing
The original DOS picture editor for AGI. Read the docs and the great tutorials that are linked from this site in the tutorials section.
download (61 kb) , site

Picture Edit Source by Lance Ewing
download (20 kb) , site

Vector by Erik Agsjo
Vector is an implementation of a bitmap vectorizing algorithm, specifically for creating background picture resources for the Sierra AGI interpeter. The program reads an image in BMP, PCX or TGA format, converts it to 160 x 168 x 16 colors and writes the result in AGI readable format, optionally showing the result onscreen.
download (161 kb)

AGI Picture Repeat by Joel McCormick
A very handy tool to quickly repeat a picture operation over and over. Nice if you want to display a brick wall.
download (107 kb) , site

PCX2PIC by Eskil Blomfeldt
PCX2PIC is a small piece of freeware that converts .PCX to the AGI "PICTURE resource"-format.
download (29 kb)

Room Generator by Joel McCormick
This program can create very simple AGI picture resources that are intended to help you create simple, cube-shaped indoor rooms for your AGI games.
download (101 kb) , site

Team Development

Tools useful for situations where multiple people are working on the same source.

AGIVS by Nat Budin
A tool that would help a team of agi developers to work on the same code. It's a bit technical and requires that you can access an Internet server. One of the tools that Nat Budin developed for the development of Operation: Recon was AGIVS. When the Op:Recon team increased to three people, they had trouble sharing all the logic code via email. Budin wrote up a simple clone of CVS that allowed people to "check out" source from a server. The server made sure that nobody else could touch it until the original people "checks in" the same source. It's this ability that allows multiple people to work on the same source.
download (10 kb)

Copy protection

These tools are not available to aid piracy. They are available for anybody wanting to actually copy their Sierra games or use the interpreter off their crumbling disks. Most of Sierra's games had a simple form of encryption used on the executable file. You will need to unencrypt the file before you can apply ANY patches on the interpreter. You will probably need to apply both utils in some cases.

SUP by Anders M. Olsson
The first step in decrypting the interpreter is to add the "key" to the decrypter. This is what SUP does. Originally, the Sierra games contained the key on a hidden sector on the disk so you will need to supply the original game disk before SUP can work.
download (16 kb)

AGI Decryptor by Brian Provinciano
The second step will enable the user to skip the decryption process entirely by decrypting the executable into a separate "AGI.EXE" file. You will need the decryption key embedded via "SUP" however. Once you have the "AGI.EXE" file, you can apply the patches.
download (9 kb) , site


Misc files that other applications in this section depend on.

Cygwin is a UNIX environment for Windows. One part is a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a UNIX emulation layer providing substantial UNIX API functionality. Needed by Sarien.

Microsoft Active Accessibility by Microsoft
Contains DLLs needed by Visual AGI.
download (1479 kb)

Perl Runtime for Windows by Activestate
ActivePerl is ActiveState's quality-assured distribution of Perl, available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows. As part of ActiveState's support for Perl, we provide the ActivePerl packages free to the Perl community. ActivePerl contains the Perl language, the Perl Package Manager, (for installing CPAN packages), and complete online help.

SDL Library by Sam Lantinga
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device.
download (94 kb) , site