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Leisure Suit Larry, by Al Lowe, was widespread.  Nearly everybody has played or at least heard of it!

(News as of 24th January, 2009: New host!, SQ0 Update, Space Quest 0: Replicated, GOA Dev Kit, Superman Team)

Welcome to the AGI Development Site.  The aim of this site is to be a useful resource for anybody attempting to create their own AGI based game.  The site won't attempt to document everything to do with the old interpreter as there are already many sites available on the subject.  This one merely attempts to cover one area very well.

The sections of this site include:

Introduces AGI and it's history along with examples of games.
everything that happens in the AGI world.
a selection of fan made games available for AGI.
ways of contacting people also interested.
a clone of AGI for Windows with extra features.
All tutorials available for making new games.  First place to look if making a new game.
The main tools needed to create a game.
Listing of all known AGI related sites.