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24th January, 2009

I've moved to DreamHost. I think I've tested everything but let me know if something is broken.

27th June, 2003

A few major bugs were fixed:

'I bought too much beer and drank it all and now I can't finish my quest!' - these people will have to restore, but it won't happen again.
'I magically got 250 credits!' - now you won't
'I can walk on Bambi' - now you can't

You should restore before they bought all those beers, the other two bugs shouldn't cause a 'finifhing' problem.

Get the new version from the games download section.   Games

25th June, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with uni again. Check out the latest fan made game however. It's called Space Quest 0 by Jeff Stewart and it looks kickass. Available in games section of this site.   Games

19th February, 2003

Good old adventures has a development kit released to aid anybody who wants to add their own rooms to the site. A *huge* chunk of Kings Quest 3 has been added to the game as well (with secrets added too!). Despite being recently slashdotted.. the site is still holding up.   Good Old Adventures

5th February, 2003

Good Old Adventures has had a slight update. A couple of new rooms have been added and it's now possible to get a list of people in the entire game and teleport to their location. This should make things a bit easier.   GOA

Superman steps in to say a few words: "Hello out there! Investigative reporter (now foreign correspondent) Clark Kent speaking. I'm trying to make a Superman AGI or SCI game, but I'd like to assemble a team of programmers, musicians, background plotters, sprite makers, and assistant writers. I'm in the middle of writing the script, and I'm sort of good at the sprites. The programming, backgrounds, and music kick me in the poop shoot. So if anyone would like some more info on this, or just wanna' talk comics and AGI, mail me at Kent out."   email

3rd February, 2003

"I'm Samuel Moritz, creator of Sams AGI Stuff and co-creator of Herbao and Ben the Bum. I saw those three sites listed at Agidev and I decided to upload Sams AGI Stuff to Tripod. Everything from the other two sites can be found there."
It's great to see these old sites coming back! If anything, you should check it out for the games list.   Sam's AGI Stuff

31st January, 2003

Eigen has released yet another game. This one is called Dr Jummybummy's Space Adventure. The good doctor has discovered time travel but somehow manages to find himself on a different planet where nothing's the way it seems... It's a small game but the graphics are excellent so I urge you to try it.   Al Pond - Official Site

Randy Dykstra: "Coding for my game is going great. I'm hoping it will surpass some of Sierra's work in sheer size and number of arcade sequences integrated within the puzzles. The only thing is I don't have a lot of time for drawing the pictures.

I've seen some excellent talent displayed in some of the screenshots posted here. I'm offering the opportunity if anyone would like to get their name listed in the credits of my game and be first in line to beta test it when it gets that far.

If you are interested, I would only require a few screenshots from each person -- no long-term committment You could do more if you'd like, but don't worry about being locked into anything. Also, the screens I would need are very open-ended, allowing for your creative freedom within a basic guideline.

I can reveal some more details about the game to those who are interested in offering their artistic talent. Please respond if you are."   email Randy

28th January, 2003

You may have noticed the new look for the site. I've tried to move a lot of style layout into separate style sheets. This means that this site doesn't look as good in IE3 or Netscape 4. I've put some effort in making it usable in those browsers though. Please let me know if something seems broken. I know I need to fix some of the articles to fit in with the new style sheets though.
I have tested this new layout with IE 5, Navigator 3, 4.8 and Mozilla.

27th January, 2003

Caitlyn's Destiny is still being developed by Corby. He has just released some new screenshots for us to be impressed by. The game should be released by next month.   Forum Link

26th January, 2003

Okay, I've been working on the website and a new compiler but I thought I'd mention that there has been a new source release for NAGI. This fixes some agi mouse bugs, makes it compatible for gcc 3 and fixes some functions that made assumptions about variable arguments (like it's agiprintf).
Later versions will include all the checksum updates I have been receiving. Thank you to all that have submitted them.   NAGI Dev Site

23rd January, 2003

Joey has released a new AGI demo called Solar System Tour. The movie, created in AGI and submitted as a science project, aims to describe all the of planets in the solar system by flying a small space ship to each of them.   Joe Kool's AGI

22nd January, 2003

I fixed a bug with the display of articles. You couldn't directly jump to the next page. Mozilla worked around it but other browsers barfed. You should now easily jump from page to page.

Martin Kool: "Good Old Adventures (GOA) is a FREE multi-user chatworld, based on the classic adventuregames made by Sierra On-Line in the '80s and '90s. GOA tries to let you relive those good old adventures, but this time with your friends. Play your favorite character and travel through your favorite adventure gaming world, meeting other fans as you move along."   link

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