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24th January, 2009

I've moved to DreamHost. I think I've tested everything but let me know if something is broken.

27th June, 2003

A few major bugs were fixed:

'I bought too much beer and drank it all and now I can't finish my quest!' - these people will have to restore, but it won't happen again.
'I magically got 250 credits!' - now you won't
'I can walk on Bambi' - now you can't

You should restore before they bought all those beers, the other two bugs shouldn't cause a 'finifhing' problem.

Get the new version from the games download section.   Games

25th June, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with uni again. Check out the latest fan made game however. It's called Space Quest 0 by Jeff Stewart and it looks kickass. Available in games section of this site.   Games

19th February, 2003

Good old adventures has a development kit released to aid anybody who wants to add their own rooms to the site. A *huge* chunk of Kings Quest 3 has been added to the game as well (with secrets added too!). Despite being recently slashdotted.. the site is still holding up.   Good Old Adventures

5th February, 2003

Good Old Adventures has had a slight update. A couple of new rooms have been added and it's now possible to get a list of people in the entire game and teleport to their location. This should make things a bit easier.   GOA

Superman steps in to say a few words: "Hello out there! Investigative reporter (now foreign correspondent) Clark Kent speaking. I'm trying to make a Superman AGI or SCI game, but I'd like to assemble a team of programmers, musicians, background plotters, sprite makers, and assistant writers. I'm in the middle of writing the script, and I'm sort of good at the sprites. The programming, backgrounds, and music kick me in the poop shoot. So if anyone would like some more info on this, or just wanna' talk comics and AGI, mail me at Kent out."   email

3rd February, 2003

"I'm Samuel Moritz, creator of Sams AGI Stuff and co-creator of Herbao and Ben the Bum. I saw those three sites listed at Agidev and I decided to upload Sams AGI Stuff to Tripod. Everything from the other two sites can be found there."
It's great to see these old sites coming back! If anything, you should check it out for the games list.   Sam's AGI Stuff

31st January, 2003

Eigen has released yet another game. This one is called Dr Jummybummy's Space Adventure. The good doctor has discovered time travel but somehow manages to find himself on a different planet where nothing's the way it seems... It's a small game but the graphics are excellent so I urge you to try it.   Al Pond - Official Site

Randy Dykstra: "Coding for my game is going great. I'm hoping it will surpass some of Sierra's work in sheer size and number of arcade sequences integrated within the puzzles. The only thing is I don't have a lot of time for drawing the pictures.

I've seen some excellent talent displayed in some of the screenshots posted here. I'm offering the opportunity if anyone would like to get their name listed in the credits of my game and be first in line to beta test it when it gets that far.

If you are interested, I would only require a few screenshots from each person -- no long-term committment You could do more if you'd like, but don't worry about being locked into anything. Also, the screens I would need are very open-ended, allowing for your creative freedom within a basic guideline.

I can reveal some more details about the game to those who are interested in offering their artistic talent. Please respond if you are."   email Randy

28th January, 2003

You may have noticed the new look for the site. I've tried to move a lot of style layout into separate style sheets. This means that this site doesn't look as good in IE3 or Netscape 4. I've put some effort in making it usable in those browsers though. Please let me know if something seems broken. I know I need to fix some of the articles to fit in with the new style sheets though.
I have tested this new layout with IE 5, Navigator 3, 4.8 and Mozilla.

27th January, 2003

Caitlyn's Destiny is still being developed by Corby. He has just released some new screenshots for us to be impressed by. The game should be released by next month.   Forum Link

26th January, 2003

Okay, I've been working on the website and a new compiler but I thought I'd mention that there has been a new source release for NAGI. This fixes some agi mouse bugs, makes it compatible for gcc 3 and fixes some functions that made assumptions about variable arguments (like it's agiprintf).
Later versions will include all the checksum updates I have been receiving. Thank you to all that have submitted them.   NAGI Dev Site

23rd January, 2003

Joey has released a new AGI demo called Solar System Tour. The movie, created in AGI and submitted as a science project, aims to describe all the of planets in the solar system by flying a small space ship to each of them.   Joe Kool's AGI

22nd January, 2003

I fixed a bug with the display of articles. You couldn't directly jump to the next page. Mozilla worked around it but other browsers barfed. You should now easily jump from page to page.

Martin Kool: "Good Old Adventures (GOA) is a FREE multi-user chatworld, based on the classic adventuregames made by Sierra On-Line in the '80s and '90s. GOA tries to let you relive those good old adventures, but this time with your friends. Play your favorite character and travel through your favorite adventure gaming world, meeting other fans as you move along."   link

21st January, 2003

Since the crash, Chris has restarted his AGI game archive. You can help by uploading new games.   AGI Game Archive

I've made a fairly major update to my site. Most of it is all run off php and mysql so it'll make it much easier to maintain when I'm not at home. I'm pretty sure there's still bugs.. so let me know if you encounter anything.

What's updated:

10th January, 2003

allyb: "During my absence I really got into Lord of the Rings and I can now say that Mizar Productions are making a new Lord of the Rings game! Yay!"   Mizar Productions

5th January, 2003

New screenshots for a game called Operation: Moon Light have been released.   Forum Link

4th January, 2003

A new page for a game called Deadline has been released.   DeadLine

30th December, 2002

Lefty: Goes on vacation (Not in the right place) has been released.   Extime

20th December, 2002

Voodoo Girl has been released! This is the full game after much much testing. Check it out. Lots of puzzles and locations to solve and discover.   Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned

17th December, 2002

Second demo of Band Quest has been released.   Extime

Kon-Tiki has released a belated Christmas present called Jiggy-Jiggy Uh-Uh! Very interesting yet strange game.   Forum Link

11th December, 2002

Kon-Tiki has released another tutorial for AGI. Tips on shading and perspective. Includes Magic map and 2-player tutorials as well.   Tutorials

8th December, 2002

The server hosting Chris' site has had a hardware failure and, unfortunately, all data contained on the server's database has been lost. Chris is working on getting the site back up to scratch.   Chris's AGI Website

7th December, 2002

"Escape from the Salesman" Demo has been released.   Extime

5th December, 2002

Joey: "I asked for a C++ book for christmas. if i get it, i am going to start learning c++. that is going to take a long time. so what does that mean you ask? well, im not going to have much time working on dq2. i already havent been working on it for a while, but still. now what i was thinking, was to work my ass off working on dq2 until i start learning c++. then i will release what i have completed. hopefully i will get a lot done. i may be able to finish it, i doubt it though."   Forum Link

4th December, 2002

Oliver has announced a new game called Escape From Salesman. "Here's a little bit of the story (It's short): You've got to escape from the salesman who tries to sell stuff which you don't want."   Forum

24th November, 2002

First demo of Patrick Quest released   Forum Link

19th November, 2002

New screenshots for Patrick Quest   shots

18th November, 2002

Amazing screenshots were released for a canceled game called Smalltown Quest. Email the author and encourage him to continue!   Screenshots

14th November, 2002

"we've finally managed to get the second demo of "V" together. It represents 2/3 of the final game and contains lotsa new puzzles as well as plenty of action."   V: The Graphical Adventure

12th November, 2002

"A while ago I thought about making an AGI-game set in the LOTR-universe. For the graphics I prepared photos in Photoshop and then converted them into AGI-screens. As a result the look of it is quite weird. I dont know if it's worth the time to make a game with such a look so I thought I'd ask you to throw a look at it and tell me what you think."   Download

10th November, 2002

Robin: "I'm working on Naturette 3 in priority and it will be released at the begining of 2003. That means, Serguei's destiny 2 and Henry Copper are suspended at the moment.
Here's a story: after catching by a giant bird, Naturette gets naked by accidently again and surrenders herself in a new world."   Forum Thread

9th November, 2002

Eigen: "I just finished my new game demo. It's called Band Quest. So check it out!"   Download

3rd November, 2002

The first demo of Date Quest 2 has been released.   Joe Kool's AGI

31st October, 2002

The second demo of Little Pirate has been released.   Little Pirate

Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed demo has been released.
MagickPoultry: "It isn't too long. It does NOT include everything I've done so far for the game, so don't think I haven't done more.
Some of it might be a tad gross, so consider yourself warned. It's been a long while since I could tell what was over the line.
I forgot- I ought to tell you that the whole map is done, but you can only park at the house you start at, the garbage dump (both in B3), the cemetery, the church, (both in B2), and the cafe (in A2). That should spare you some frustration driving around trying to park places."   Download Page

30th October, 2002

Robin Gravel has released some screenshots for his game "Henry Copper: Terror at White Mesa"   Screenshots

29th October, 2002

"I've just completed my first AGI adventure game, Lasse Holm - the Quest for Revenge.
Click "PC-games" in the menu.
It's kinda short but I figured I would rather finish it than make the project to big. It's supposed to be more funny than well-made, smart and thoughtful. Let me know what you think!"   Homepage

25th October, 2002

An amazing new agi game called Star Commander has been released. Check it out now.   Forum Link

20th October, 2002

PDD: " I've released (another) new version of AGInfo.
This one should detect (via a large checksum database) not only all AGI games released by Sierra but also just about any AGI game & demo released by the AGI gamewriting community in the past 5 years.
If anybody has a version of a game or demo that AGInfo does not properly detect, please let me know! I'm sure that a couple of versions have escaped my attention..."   Paul Douglas Lyon   AGInfo Download

"Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed" screenshots have been released.   page

8th October, 2002

AGI Dictionary Cleaner: This is the knocked up cleaner for agi dictionary files. This fixes the corrupted words.tok that have occured for some people. All it does is sort words but I'll add some other needed features later and let you know. Check out downloads section.

1st October, 2002

Jelle has created a new AGI site. Includes info on "Captain's Quest" and AGI tutorials and utils.   Jelle's AGI Site

28th September, 2002

New version of AGI Studio 1.37. Nailhead: "The new version is ready for downloading. I've stomped so many bugs this week I need to change my shoes. Enjoy!"   Nailhead's AGI Studio

27th September, 2002

Nailhead has released the full version of AGI Studio v1.36.   Nailhead's AGI Studio

15th September, 2002

"We from Femo Duo are proud to present some screenshots from the upcoming AGI game "Arctic Mission" (working title)...
Click on PROJECTS and scroll to the end of the page... This will probably take a short while, since there are some other pics on that page..."   Project Page

14th September, 2002

Trumgottist: "I have added the possibility to upload an jpeg/gif/png image to accompany your games at TCN. You might want to take advantage of this to make your games look a little more attractive. Also, if you happen to have made a game you haven't added to the database at the nest - what are you waiting for?"   Crow's Nest, The

10th September, 2002

Kon-Tiki: "Johoho and a bottle of rum! The demo of 'Little Pirate' is ready!"   Download

31st August, 2002

Joel McCormick has released a new version of his Base Logic Generator. Version 2!   AGI Utilities

A new homepage is up for the game Lefty: Goes on vacation   Extime

25th August, 2002

Serguei's destiny II demo is now out.   Robin Gravel's Adventure Games Site

23rd August, 2002

I noticed the version on chris's site (and mine) is slightly out of date.. so I thought it might be interesting to point this out.. v1.4 of Vector is available.. its source has been released and one or two bugs have been fixed.   Vector Download

20th August, 2002

Nailhead: "I'm getting back into the swing of working on the Studio so to keep track of bug reports and wishlists I've added a forum to my AGI Studio site. This forum is NOT for general chat nor is it for AGI programming help (that's what this board is for). I know the last thing the AGI community needs is another board, since this is a specialty board there's no reason for anyone to frequent it unless you're up on giving bug reports and such. This will also cut down on the amount of email that I receive about the Studio."   AGI Studio Forum

18th August, 2002

Pharoah Quest is a new game demo by Cosmic R: "The demo is a work in progress. It's called Pharaoh Quest, about an ancient egyptian pharaoh who wakes up in the desert one day. I've tried to put in some features not used in other agi games, even sierra ones so I hope you like it."   Download

15th August, 2002

CaptAmerik@ is working on a new game called the 13th Disciple. A demo is available on his site. "In short, the story is about Falco Malone, a student at Boston City University, who is a rebel and does everything possible to make his teacher's lives a living hell. One day, when he's sent to the dean, he finds him lying dead in a pool of blood. Suffice to say, due to some clumsiness... Malone is the prime suspect."   13th Diciple, The

11th August, 2002

Joel: "I've completely redesigned the website for Jen's Quest and integrated it with another website of mine that I had to take down because of a crappy webspace provider."   Jen's Quest

10th August, 2002

I posted a small NAGI FAQ on the Vogons msgboard. Vogons deals with running old games on recent computers with Windows XP/2000. If you're having trouble running some old games, why don't you check them out?   NAGI FAQ

9th August, 2002

Kon-Tiki is working on a new game called Little Pirate Quest. You start out as someone in a harbour. First big task is trying to get on board of a ship as a crew member.   Little Pirate   Forum Link

8th August, 2002

A interesting murder mystery game, Corby's Murder Mystery, for AGI is released.   Forum Link

7th August, 2002

Joey has released a small game called Dog's Quest. Get it here.

6th August, 2002

Al Pond is a new AGI release. The aim is to save the world from Dr Krony.   Al Pond - Official Site   Download

2nd August, 2002

New screenshots for a game called Caitlyn's Destiny have been released.   screenshots

25th July, 2002

New screenshots of Date Quest 2. Apparently it is 25% done.   site

5th July, 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates. Uni and exams got in the way.

Blacki is currently working on an assistant for writing repetitive AGI code.   Forum Link

Chris's site has had a lot of major changes recently. He's upgraded the site to php. The news system is linked to the messageboards so people can submit news and comment on it. There is an upload facility where people who lack the web space can upload their games.   Chris's AGI Website

A guy under the alias "Tripitaka" is working on a game based around his comic "Buddhies". His site was down for a while but now he's brought it back up along with a few new screenshots. An actual demo will not be released for a while however.   Buddhies

Rich has stated on the AGI board that his game, FQ2, is still in progress.   AGI Messageboard

Joel McCormick has released a new demo of his game, Jen's Quest! "The demo features greatly improved graphics, much better word recognition, and some more of the game has been implemented (mostly conversation with NPCs)."   Jen's Quest

Naturette 2: Daughter of the Moon, by Robin Gravel, has been released. This is a full game that took Robin six months to complete. The game uses a mouse interface (thanks to Brian's hacking) and doesn't need any typing!   Naturette 2: Daughter of the Moon

A new version of Hank's Quest has been released by Femo Duo Entertainment. A few bugs have been fixed as well as a few extra synonyms.   Hank's Quest: Victim of Society

Joakim has released beta 7 of Visual AGI. This package contains an updated version of his excellent AGI sound editor. He is currently working on converting some of the file formats to XML.   Visual AGI

Nailhead is currently working on the next release of AGI Studio. The beta version is available however. But the actual release won't arrive until some bugs are fixed and the new help file is complete.   Beta Download

The Crows's Nest has made reviews of games available. Log on now and give some favorable reviews for all those AGI games!   Crow's Nest, The

Voodoo Girl has had an update as well. Check out the new locations, the butterflies and your new cave.   Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned

AGI Reusable Variable Organiser (ARVO), has been released by Mokalus of Borg. This was the product of a new AGI compiler discussions. This is less of a compiler and more of a pre-processor that allows your to forget about manually allocating variable numbers,   Hex Domain AGI & SCI Projects, The

1st July, 2002

Another small update. I've updated the links page with every single AGI site I could find. I also added a few sites that have disappeared but still appear in Please let me know if you have any other sites to add.

Working on converting bits and pieces of the site to a database format.  The appearance of the site shouldn't change too much but it will make it a lot easier for me to update it.  (just look at the links page as an example)

2nd May, 2002

Small update. Article for anybody having trouble running AGI programs under Windows XP. Gives some suggestions but I don't know how useful it will be until I get some feedback.

30th April, 2002

NAGI has been ported to Linux! Gareth McMullin, the author of AGIL, has put in a lot of effort to clean up code. There's no binaries for Windows or Linux yet (since there's been no changes that would affect the Windows version and binaries for Linux is tricky) but the source and more information is available from the NAGI development section.

The Pinkun Maze Test has it's own section in the Space Quest Fangames site!  It's currently in the under-development section so I better get a move on and work on it some more.

Joel McCormick has released a new beta version of the AGI Base Logic Generator.  While not exactly ready for prime-time (there's still the possibility of errors), it's been rearranged to make it easier to access options and makes it easier to quickly prototype new rooms.

Joakim Möller has released a flurry of new versions of Visual AGI. The latest one is beta 5. There has been lots of bug fixes and it nows works under Windows 95! Some dependancies have been removed but Win95 users will still need to install an accessiblity module (available here). Available from the download section and Joakim's beta site.   Visual AGI

The Viagra Guy has vowed to continue working on his Phantasmagoria for AGI.  Despite a bad review on one site, other people have given him encouragement.  Why don't you do the same?  All it takes is a small post.

Internet Developers Society's server, the same one where is hosted has had the complete upgrade that's been in the works for a while.  The server should be a lot more stable now, which means there won't be times where the site is down for hours.  I have to point out that this was not IDS's fault and I believe they've done a great job.

Which leads me to the next point, I've set up a development section for NAGI since the source looked kinda cramped just being posted in the downloads section.

18th April, 2002

The NAGI v2.06 source has been released! You can now look under the hood to see how it ticks or port it to your favourite operating system. Check out the download section for more details and make sure you read the source readme.

15th April, 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had mid-semester tests to try studying for.  But there's been enough things happening to warrant an update though.

Leigh Ann Frey has appeared for a brief moment on the AGI messageboards.  She was one of the programmers on Operation: Recon and owned the site Inside the Vortex (unfortunately, now offline) which covered the AGI community.  If you wish to contact her, she still checks one of her old email addresses, is available in #therealm on and ICQ uin is 2613663.

The link has been updated to point to the new Mega-Tokyo board forum.  Thanks to Leigh Ann.

Hank's Quest, the quirky party adventure, still has a site.  It's just moved to here instead.

Brian Provinciano has released a new 256 colour view (sprites for AGI) editor and interpreter patch.  These patches are a bit beyond the scope of this site, but they can be found at his site.

Magnus Kristiansen had a newer version of mergesnd available.. v0.3 so I've added that to the downloads section if you wish to check it out.

The old SCI messageboard has been shutdown, and the new home for people wishing to discuss SCI is now at Mega-Tokyo.  Congrats to Brian for continuing to be the moderator.  Update your links!

Visual AGI's Sound Editor has been released as a separate beta package in the beta section for Visual AGI. Nows your chance to try out one of the best editors for AGI sound available. Please try it and tell the Joakim and Gustaf what you think... they need encouragement! Available for Windows 98 and over. Available here as well in a zipped format if you have trouble with the installer. Also available in their beta area.

Andrew Baker has released ANOTHER new version of Voodoo Girl. v1.21 is available from his (updated! is that teeth?) site and mine.

NAGI's download section now links to Dark Fiber's mirrors. Thanks df!

A new version of the SDL runtime library has been released. NAGI depends upon this library to provide graphics, sound and input so it's kinda handy to have the latest version. Available from the NAGI downloads section or from the SDL site.

The source for NAGI should be hastily released later this week. If you want to port it to another operating system or would like to look at some details for a tool you're writing, you should look out for it.

Andrew Baker also has two tutorials available, catering for little details that you can add to your game.  Available here as well.

7th April, 2002

Dark Fiber's Mega-Tokyo forum, the forum that hosts most AGI discussion, has shifted it's files around a bit and the forum now exists at a new location.  There are the usual redirections so you shouldn't have trouble accessing it with the old links yet.  It was a pain changing all the thread links though.

AGIVS by Nat Budin, a tool that would help a team of agi developers to work on the same code, is available from the Downloads section.  It's a bit technical and requires that you own your own server.  There's more information in the Downloads and at Budin's site.

Adventure Developer has kindly linked to this site.  If you've arrived from there, have a good look around and if you have any friends that may be interested in retro-adventure developer: pass along the url to this site and any other agi site.

Information on chatting has been updated in the Community section.

6th April, 2002

Brian Provinciano's Ultimate AGI/SCI site has had a small update.  He's added agidev to the links page, included some more interpreters to the "AGI on Other Computers" section, added links to new utilities and mentioned the recently open sourced SCI Studio.

The Legend of Shay-Larah has been put on hold.  The author has decided to work on a new engine to house the game.  Why not email the author and send some encouragement?

The Operation: Recon site still exists!  Despite the original domain disappearing, the original server that the site was hosted on is still available.  With terrific graphics and music, this was one game that was hotly anticipated to be completed.  Unfortunately the ambitious project could not realised with the AGI interpreter.

4th April, 2002

The URI Quest site has some minor adjustments.  Thanks to Jeff Carroll, it is now possible to navigate the site with Mozilla.  Check out the game and site!

Some broken links on the site have been fixed.  I'm really sorry if you've tried to access these files but were unable to.  I encourage you to try again and please notify me if it happens again.  Hank's Quest and the SDL runtime library (necessary to run NAGI) are now available.

The SDL runtime library is now available.  Sorry about that.

3rd April, 2002

Not AGI related, but Brian Provinciano has released the source to SCI Studio.  Download it today, check out the code, and then make sure you send him an email.

I've added the NAGI site to the agidev site. I no longer need Dingoblue to host my site! Also, I've tinkered with the interface for this page a bit so I hope nobody hates the changes. The contents list would get too big if I showed all the pages (including NAGI's) at the same time.

Chris Cromer, along with his new site, has added a chat page.  It already has a few regulars and all need is a web browser to access it.  You don't have any excuses sorry, you have to check it out!

Sorry, no update to NAGI yet.  The NAGI site has been moved to my new site  I'd like to hear any comments on the site.  Slower?  Faster?  Harder/Easier to navigate?

31st March, 2002

In addtion, I\'ve created a games page containing some select fan made AGI games. This page will not contain a complete list of AGI games, this would be too big, but instead I\'ve provided links to other sites which have more than adequate links to games. The aim of this page is to give the new-comer a good idea of the sorts of games people have created.

There has been a discussion on the AGI msgboard about a new logic compiler syntax.  I've put up a summary here.

The NAGI link has been fixed in the Download section. It now has a link to the SDL library which you will need to download in order for NAGI to run correctly. If you've tried to run NAGI and received an error around a missing SDL library, please try it again.

It's April Fools Day tomorrow.  *sigh*

30th March, 2002

I've decided to start up a small news section on this site to help keep people up to date with any AGI news and changes I make to this site.  I know it's going to be a pain in the ass though. *joke*

This site now contains a page on the AGI WebRing.  It has information on WebRings, joining and configuring your registered site.  Why not register your site or encourage somebody else to register their own site today?

I've created a small demo to demonstrate arrays and mazes in AGI without using too many resources.  Eventually I'll release the tools to create your own maze but they still need a bit of work.  The demo involves the small Pinkun from the Space Quest 2 game running around a maze to collect a gem.  I plan to make the game a bit more interesting later.  Thread on Mega-Tokyo.

The AGI Development Site has been added to the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) links page.  You wouldn't think it, but I've got a few referrals from them already.  It's right at the bottom.

Andrew Baker has released a new version of Voodoo Girl.  The graphics have been greatly updated from the first version and it's got Voodoo in it!

David Smith, after a very long wait (not that there's anything wrong with that!), has released a new version of Dave's Quest.  Check it out now and send him an email.

Femo Duo Entertainment has released the fully finished game of Hank's Quest.  Hank wants his own party but has trouble along the way.  Hilarious graphics.

Chris Cromer has registered his own domain ( for his Ultimate AGI Web Site.  Good luck Chris!

Nailhead has released a new version of AGI Studio.  Version 1.35 has more extra features including: Code Insight, experimental "command pop-up", shortcut keys, tab support AND links to! whoo.

Paul David Doherty has released a new version of AGInfo (v1.12).  This program allows you to identify the version of Sierra's interpreters for the PC.

A new picture editor is being developed by Eidolon.  This thread from the messageboard discusses it and more information on the editor is available from here and here.  Coded for the SDL library, it should be possible to compile for Linux and Windows.  Demoes are available but it's not possible to actually create your own pictures yet.

Joel McCormick and Joakim Möller are working independently to create an AGI sound editor.  Look out on the Mega-Tokyo AGI board for more information.

Having trouble accessing the site sometimes?  Hopefully this email extract from Ian Cumming will be useful.  I hope Ian doesn't mind me pasting this.

In November last year, myself and Edward built a "new" IDS server to replace the aging dual Celeron 400 that had been running for the past two years. The "new" server consisted of a Dual P3 1.0Ghz machine with 512mb of memory.

However in January we were forced to take the new server down, as it was suffering from faulty memory. Without any hardware to run the server on, Justaan Oswald offered his AMD Duron for the task while our hardware was replaced.

This changeover was rather rushed, and because it was seen as "temporary" there was no load/stability testing done. In fact, we just swapped the drives over and turned it on.

Unfortunately the consequences of this has been the recent unreliabilty and downtime.

Now, while this has been going on, we have actually purchased a new case, hard disks and network card for the "new" server. During Easter I will be rebuilding this machine and performing some load testing. Just after easter, I will be moving the user data from the temporary server into our brand-spanking, load tested machine.

18th February, 2002

Ok, new update for NAGI and the website.

The index page was getting too big so I moved the links, downloads and news into separate sections.  It should be easier to navigate now.   Gustaf Wennerholm also supplied a Gold Rush screenshot.  Hopefully Gold Rush is now beatable in NAGI v2.06! Also the favicon this website uses is a LOT smaller now.

NAGI has a new sound engine with noise and volume support!  Various bug fixes as well as the ability to log now.  Check out the history for the full details.

14th January, 2002

Unfortunately, no icon yet because I'm yet to work out how to get the resource compiler to work with mingw32.. but this version has a few bug fixes and extra stuff:

So check out v2.05 from the downloads section today!

On another note, Chris Cromer has taken the time to test and finish a lot of Sierra games.  You can see the result of his work in the screenshots section.  LordKat also submitted to me a few screenshots a while ago but I had forgotten about it until now.

Other news?  Check out a new interpreter that's been released called AGIL, it's been out for a month or two now and it's already finishing some games.  I've helped out with the V development a tiny bit by cleaning up the intro sequence so it works on the original DOS interpreters.

If you find any bugs, have some feature suggestions or just want to ask a question, feel free to send an email .

3rd January, 2002

Lots of thanks to Charles Irwin for the icon he provided.  Right now it's just used as a favicon on this website but I'll add it to NAGI in the next version!

Added Chris's AGI site to the links section.

2nd January, 2002

Wow, it's 2002 now.  New release with some small bug fixes:

Unless anything else pops up, I will be working on the sound system rewrite next.

22nd December, 2001

OK, I wanted to make one more release before 2002 so here it is.  I'm sorry for the long wait..  5 months really sucks.  There's a few warts.. Not everything is complete yet but I've got a bunch of new features in this version.  Besides the internal cleanup there's:

If you have any comments.. I would love to hear them.. really!  I want bug reports 'n everything.  I'm sorry if I haven't replied to an email.  I'm pretty sure I've replied to them all.  There wasn't that many but Hotmail doesn't tell me if I've replied to an email or not.

I will add more to this site later on when I have time.  Check out the docs I'm working on if you want.

21st July, 2001

Check out the screenshots section for a sneak peak at some of the work I've been doing on CGA dithering.  It's ultra neat and should give a bit more of a retro-feeling for people who didn't have an EGA card when they played these games originally. (like me!)

17th July, 2001

Added some new screenshots for Kings Quest 4.  I finally managed to finish it.  I had to make a slight change to NAGI for it to work around one of KQ4's logic bugs though.  This changes the save format again though.. sorry.

16th July, 2001

Rearranged the site a bit to make it easier to get to some information.

Check out the Legal section because it contains some problems on the legal nature of NAGI

New version of NAGI is out too! (v2.02) This has multiple savegame support and a bunch of small bug fixes. Check out the History and Downloads to find out more.

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