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Lots of people, besides Sierra, have created their own game based upon the AGI interpreter.  This site plans not on listing all games but on a select few to help people get the right idea of the quality that these people can produce.  The aim is not to offend anybody by not listing a game, there are many AGI sites out there that do a very good job of that already.  There is an emphasis on completed games, but it is not the only factor in listing games.  To show no preference of games, I have made the list in alphabetical order.

Some games are packaged along with a suitable interpreter.  If you download a game and cannot find an executable to start the game, try and interpreter from the Downloads section of this site.  Try the interpreters in the suggested order.

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Enclosure by Femo Duo Entertainment
Last Modified: 2nd January, 2006
Investigate a mystery in the middle of nowhere.
download (684kb), site


Space Quest 0: Replicated by Jeff Stewart
Last Modified: 25th June, 2003
The latest Space Quest fanmade game. Excellent graphics and puzzles.
download (658kb), site

Space Quest 0: Replicated

Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned by Andrew Baker
Last Modified: 1st January, 2003
Voodoo Girl, for reasons of her own, wants to find her way into the dream world. Full version!
download (365kb), site

Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned

Jiggy Jiggy Uh Uh by Kon-Tiki
Last Modified: 26th December, 2002
Interesting small little game that tests a new compiler. Complete with well drawn pics and rhymes that will make you smile(r).
download (57kb), site

Jiggy Jiggy Uh Uh

Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed by Magick Poultry Productions
Last Modified: 5th November, 2002
You play the role of John Mordred, the garbageman, in the town of Memory where the dead sleep uneasily. Most of the townspeople have become accustomed to the phenomenon but not John Mordred! Oh no, he's going to stop these corpses whether it be by blowing their heads off with a shotgun or tearing them to pieces with his bare hands!
download (160kb), site

Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed

Al Pond: Al Lives Forever by Eigen Lenk
Last Modified: 4th November, 2002
Al wins a vacation trip to Nonytoonyfatso Island. There he finds out that an evil Dr Kony wants to destroy the world.
download (209kb), site

Al Pond: Al Lives Forever

Little Pirate by Kon-Tiki
Last Modified: 2nd November, 2002
In Little Pirate, you play a boy called Jake that wants to become a pirate. For that, he needs to get on board of a ship.
download (242kb), site

Little Pirate

13th Disciple, The by CaptAmerik@
Last Modified: 25th October, 2002
In January - March 2002, 8 women disappeared from a college high school in Boston, Massachusetts. Although the police found numerous clues that pointed to someone within the school's boundaries, no one was ever apprehended. The police are at a loss.
download (341kb), site

13th Disciple, The

Pharaoh Quest by Rainer De Temple
Last Modified: 18th August, 2002
About an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who wakes up in the desert one day.
download (70kb), site

Pharaoh Quest

Corby's Murder Mystery by Corby LaCroix
Last Modified: 8th August, 2002
You and your friends are invited to your Uncle's mansion in the countryside for the weekend. He wants you to look after the place. After the murder takes place, you must discover clues by talking to all the suspects.
download (206kb), site

Corby's Murder Mystery

Naturette 2: Daughter of the Moon by Robin Gravel
Last Modified: 25th June, 2002
The sequel to the agi game Naturette. Mysteriously transported to a strange world (minus clothes), Naturette must find another way home. Sporting a mouse interface, you don't need to type any commands to finish this game.
download (306kb), site

Naturette 2: Daughter of the Moon

Jen's Quest by Joel McCormick
Last Modified: 21st May, 2002
Your friend disappears and you attempt to rescue her by answering a strange note. The next release on the game is coming soon.
download (112kb), site

Jen's Quest

Hank's Quest: Victim of Society by Femo Duo Entertainment
Last Modified: 9th May, 2002
Hank wants to party organised as a way to get presents from his friends.
download, site

Hank's Quest: Victim of Society

V: The Graphical Adventure by Björn Kahlenberg, Vonster D Monster, Edward Griffin and Chris Cromer
Last Modified: 2nd May, 2002
Recreated vision of the 80's sci-fi show V.
download (874kb), site

V: The Graphical Adventure

Pinkun Maze Quest by Nick Sonneveld
Last Modified: 19th March, 2002
Help Pinkun find the gem! A small demo of some maze generator code I wrote.
download (63kb), site

Pinkun Maze Quest

URI Quest by Jeff Carroll
Last Modified: 27th February, 2002
A game based upon the author's life at college.
download (351kb), site

URI Quest

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter by Vonster D Monster
Last Modified: 18th July, 2001
A lost piece of Roger Wilco's history is discovered.
download (836kb), site

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

Serguei's Destiny by Robin Gravel
Last Modified: 11th April, 2001
Learn spells to follow your destiny. One of Robin Gravel's many games.
download (215kb), site

Serguei's Destiny

Star Commander: The Escape by Steve Coyle
Last Modified: 28th March, 2001
Sean Cade has grown up on Feltakth, a slave in the mining facility. For 26 years he has quietly bided his time. He knows he must escape and the time is now! The escape from Feltakth is only the beginning. A galaxy of adventure awaits you as you lead Sean to many alien worlds, ports of call, and deep space outposts in your quest to return to Earth and free the people from the mining facility.
download (581kb), site

Star Commander: The Escape

Time Quest by Chad Goulding
Last Modified: 19th February, 2001
Lonely inventor works on time machine in spare time to prevent dreadful accident.
download (142kb), site

Time Quest

Dave's Quest by David Smith
Last Modified: 16th January, 2001
Dave needs money. Fast. David Smith is getting very close to completing the game. The game really needs to be fully explored to appreciate all the work he's done in the graphics.
download (413kb), site

Dave's Quest

Residence 44 Quest by Jinwo Versluys and Rinze de Laat
Last Modified: 23rd June, 1999
You've arrived at a new college and have discovered there's no room for you.
download (155kb), site

Residence 44 Quest

Operation: Recon by Randy Dykstra, Nat Budin and Leigh Ann Frey
Last Modified: 3rd November, 1998
A team is sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team on the moon. Only a rolling demo but has amazing graphics with great attention to detail.
download (121kb), site

Operation: Recon

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More Games

Here are a few sites where you can get more information on other fan made AGI games.  They are also handy for other AGI information.