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Tutorial 1

How to Create Your Own AGI Adventure Game

For this tutorial you will need AGI Studio and Picedit both available at

Table of Contents

  1. Writing the Storyline
  2. Creating a New Game from the Template
  3. Editing the Introduction Screen Code
  4. Drawing the First Picture
  5. Inserting the Graphic into the Game
  6. Editing the First Room Logic
  7. Description of The View Editor
  8. Creating The View for the Door in the Shack
  9. Adding the Door view to the game

Step 1: Writing the Storyline

For this example we will create a simple game called Bill's Quest. First of all you need to write the storyline of your game.

Here is the storyline:

D > Welcome to Bills Quest

I > Look

D > You are standing in a meadow, there is a shack on it.

I > walk to shack, open door

D > suddenly you feel a nausea overcome you and you fall to the floor in a heap. You drift in and out of consciousness and gradually awake to find youself in a locked room

I > look

D > You are in a locked room with a table, and a flickering candle

I > Look at table

D > There is a key on the table

I > Get key

D > You take the key that is laying on the table

I > unlock door

D > You unlock the door and walk out of the room

D > You Win

Scr > Shake

That is how I write a storyline. You may do it differently but this version works the best for me.

Each of the letteres in front of the line represent a different action

"I >" represents something that the player has to do.

"D >" represents a dialogue or message.

"Scr >" represents an action on the screen.

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