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(update 2002-02-18)

Gold Rush Completed

Gustaf Wennerholm has managed to complete Gold Rush in NAGI.  He had to use debug to change a variable however because of a bug.  However, this has been fixed in v2.06 so Goldrush should now be beatable in NAGI!  I think it's the first Windows XP screenshot as well.

(update 2002-01-14)

Completed Game Screenshots

I would like to apologise to LordKat who submitted to me some screenshots and I never put them up on my site.  It was on my todo list and I somehow forgot about it.  AGISCI (Chris Cromer) also took a lot of effort completing and testing some games I never had time to do.  In the process, he's managed to weed out a few bugs which have been in NAGI for a while.  Big thanks to LordKat and AGISCI as well.

Also, after some bug fixes, I finished Mixed up Mother Goose as well.

Mixed Up Mother Goose (Nick):

Black Cauldron (Chris):

Kings Quest I (Chris):

Kings Quest II (Chris):

Kings Quest III (Chris):

Manhunter II: San Francisco (Chris):

Police Quest I (Chris):

Space Quest I (Chris):

V Updated Demo 1 (Chris):

AGI Demopack I (LordKat):

Sierra Christmas Card (LordKat):

(update 2001-12-22)
Game Selection Screen
Now you don't have to copy and paste all the time.  This is an example use fan made games in CGA mode.  Notice how you can scroll up and down.. (maybe)

(update 2001-07-21)
Preliminary CGA Screenshots
I just know this was the feature that everybody wanted.  j/k  It wasn't that hard to add but I've still got a few bugs to work out.  I just wanted to show people what I've been working on at the moment.

At the moment, a lot of the palette and graphics stuff is hardwired in.. So I'll have to add a few more options in the INI files I think.  The text and the view dithering code needs a bit of work (as you can see by the slight corruption in the Larry pic).
Interesting note: I only implemented the game's title in the game window so the screen shots would look good.. otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered.

(update 2001-07-17)
Kings Quest 4 Ending

Ok, after fixing a whole buncha bugs (and one that just crashed in KQ4 because of a stupid logic bug that I had to work around), I've finally got around to finishing Kings Quest 4.  Note the weird secret code thing.  Was this in the SCI version?

Games finished in NAGI now: Kings Quest 4, Space Quest 2, Justin Quest and Larry.  Not that you shouldn't be able to finish others though.

Kings Quest 4

Kings Quest 4 pictures to show off the new v3 LZW code 'n all that. Notice the little message somebody snuck into the priority screen. After disassembling most of the v3 code, I still believe that the AGI version of kings quest 4 used some sci-to-agi trickery to get it to work. The bridge picture is shown because the old NAGI pic rendering code barfed on that picture and leaked lots and lots of memory until it died.

Space Quest 2
Nice pictures of Space Quest 2. I just realised that I could have taken these pictures using the original AGI and pretended they were from NAGI. Perish the thought.. you can actually finish SQ2 with NAGI too. I just forgot to include the outside window for proof. (/me slaps head)

Gold Rush
This works too.  I'll have to finish this one because I loved it when I played it the first time (on original AGI)