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The WebRing has been around for a very long time.

WebRings are a ring of connected sites that share the same theme.  On each site is a similar piece of navigation code placed on the main page of each site.  Using "next" and "previous" links, you can go round a whole ring of pages.  It's a simple way of associating many pages with the same topic.  They're not quite as popular as they used to, but there's still an AGI WebRing available.   The AGI WebRing has all sorts of AGI related pages, all connected to each other.

SITE A -> SITE B -> SITE C -> SITE D -> SITE A -> ...

All WebRings have a Ring Master, the maintainer of the Ring.  It's their job to make sure all links are correct and to help add new sites to the ring.  The original Ring Master was Rainer De Temple.  He was active in AGI Development very early on but has moved on since then.  Unfortunately, the AGI Ring was since "abandoned" which meant that the people who own the WebRing site looked after the Ring at least for a short while.

I hope nobody minds, but I took the job as "maintainer".  But if you feel that you would make a better Ring Master, I would be happy to pass it on.

The navigation box that must be displayed on the front page of your site:


In the spirit of the original owner of the AGI WebRing, your site must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. The site must contain AGI related information. (be it gaming, programming, etc...)
  2. The contents must not be offensive in any way.  Warnings at the start of the page are accepted though.
  3. The WebRing HTML must be on the main page of the site. 

If you're certain your site can comply with these guidelines, then follow on to REGISTERING YOUR SITE.  You will have to create your own user profile before you can join the ring however.


  1. Register with WebRing and create a username
  2. Add your site to the AGI WebRing
  3. Get the navigation code and add it to the front page of your site.
  4. Wait a couple of days, the site should be confirmed and it will be added to the Ring.

Configuring your Site

Once you have registered your site with the Ring, you can configure your settings later on.  Just login from here.

Navigation Code

This must be displayed on the front page of your site.  It's no use if it's displayed at the back of your site in some links section.  The purpose of the ring is for people to jump from page to page quickly.  Remember to change the ++id++ in this example code to the site id you were given when you registered your site with the Ring.

There are two versions of the navigation code that you can use:

JavaScript: This is recommended because the actual navigation code is downloaded from the WebRing site itself.  This is very handy because I can change the look later on and it's automatically updated on your site as well!

Getting the JavaScript code is a bit trickier.  You need to go through these pages on the WebRing site.

  1. Login
  2. My Rings/Sites
  3. View Ring Sites
  4. Site Title
  5. Get Navigation Code

HTML: This is the HTML version if you feel like you don't want any JavaScript on your site.  Remember, other sites in the ring will have JavaScript so your users will encounter it if they follow the ring.