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NAGI Documentation

Table of Contents

  1. What is NAGI?
  2. Installation
  3. Identifying and Isolating an AGI Game
  4. Running
  5. Configuring
  6. Adding a New Game to the CRC List
  7. Submitting an Unknown Game's Details
  8. NAGI Warnings
  9. Bugs in Sierra’s Interpreter
  10. External Font Format (NBF)
  11. Credits

What is NAGI?

NAGI (New Adventure Game Interpreter) is a clone of Sierra's own AGI which they created and used through the 80's to produce a whole bunch of great adventure games like Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest. NAGI was created by disassembling the original AGI executable and writing equivalent C code that would run under SDL which is a free generic library for low-level access to graphics and audio. It can read both v2 and v3 game data for the PC.

I started working on this (disassembling and learning stuff) around November 1999. I didn't really do much work on it until the start of 2001 when I finished the picture rendering code. So I started with a program that draws agi pics to this... I actually got the initial idea from the guy who recreated an old game called Digger . He did the same thing by disassembling the original game and recoding it all in C.

The original name for NAGI was GI-Jay.. like GI-Joe only different.  It evolved from JayGI.  NAGI sounds a bit more sophisticated anyway and can be confused with a whole bunch of things!

From the "3D Animated Adventure Game Reference Card For MS-DOS":

Sierra's 3D animated adventures represent a totally new approach to computer gaming -- a third generation in computer adventure.  They feature colourful hi-res graphics, with animated characters moving through three dimensional background screens.  The improved parser lets you talk to the computer in whole sentences.

Sierra's new series of adventures are interactive, changing as you explore and solve the puzzles.  New facets are revealed as you delved into the game.  In fact, you can play the game many times over and never play the same game twice.

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