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Sierra Classics - AGI docs

Peter Kelly

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Data Used by AGI
  3. Defines
  4. Basic Structure of a Room
  5. Items That The Player Can Pick Up
  6. Doors

I set up this section as a place to put documentation on all aspects of creating AGI games - programming, drawing graphics, game design etc.

For the tutorials, I have created an game with a room for each tutorial so you can see each tutorial in action and experiment with it. Click here to download it.

You may also like to check out AGI Specs (available both online and as a windows help file). This is aimed mainly at people who want to write AGI tools such as viewers, editors or interpreters. It also contains some logic programming information (although much of this information is similar to the information available in the AGI Studio help file and in the documentation below).

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