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How to Use AGI256

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  1. How to Use AGI256


AGI256 is a patch for AGI by dark minister and myself to modify AGI so that it can use 256 colours. Dark Minister created the original version allowing AGI to support 256 colour pics. I have continued work on it giving new features such as support for 256 colour views. To use this, you will need to create the pictures and views. The views can be created using my AGI256 View Editor. Pictures can also be created with this from BMP files. To create the pictures from DOS, you can use SavePic. All of the files can be obtained from the AGI Utilities Page.

How To Create an AGI256 Picture Using SavePic

AGI256 is a patch for AGI created by dark minister to modify AGI so that it can use 256 colours. To use this, you will need to create the pictures first which you want to use. Dark Minister has also created a program to make the pictures called Savepic.

With Savepic, you can create a 256 colour AGI image. Here are some instructions for creating the picture:

  1. Unzip the file "".
  2. Edit the pcx file "template.pcx" which is included in the zip (draw the picture inside the white box). 3) Save the file as a pcx.
  3. Go to Dos and type "savepic .pcx".
  4. A .pic fle will be created andyou're ready to put it into your game.

How To Use The Picture In Your Game

Next, you can put the picture into your game. Once the picture resourse is in the game, you now must add in into the logic. You load it into the your game with a hacked version of the command "unknown170".

For example, to load PICTURE.001 you would type the following:

v255 = 1;

You call "unknown170" with the number of the variable which contains the number of the picture you want to load. The variable used in the example is 255, but it can be any disponible variable.

To see a full example of the useage of "unknown170":

// ****************************************************************************
// unknown170 Example
// ****************************************************************************

if (isset(f5)) {
  v255 = 3;
  display(10,1,"         Intro/Opening screen");
if (have.key()) {

// Messages
#message 1 "         Intro/Opening screen"

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